Tuesday, 13 September 2011

kiss hug with them

i miss my old schoolmates, much!
they are the best buddy in the universe.
even we have the different life in different world,
but we still have that great relationship.
sharing the same hobby,
same story,
and same habit.
awesome huh?
Let me introduce them ;)

Wewe Dean
my twinny :)
UITM Segamat Johor
being friends since 10 yo
rakan gosip saya
rakan shopping saya
miss her hug
comel? dye saya punya..
btw, she's not available
kembar seiras sikit
study at UITM Jengka Pahang
sama tempat belajar dengan saya
sama course dengan saya
sama hobi dengan saya
barang saya, barang dye jugak
korg ada?
sayang dye gile
status: searching love
Fatin Ann
Politeknik Sabak Bernam
she's my wonderful mamma
mesti hug kalau jumpe
comel sangatt
rindu dye gile 
she is papa's own
means not available
kawan sekampung
study at UITM Melaka
being friends since 11 yo
sama course
lain tempat
makin hari makin tembam
rindu dye jugak
afie is rahar's own
jangan rampas dye 
UNISEL shah alam
my tiny friend
kawan sekolah paling kamcing
makin comel 
dye adek paling lembut
rindu nak gosip ngan dye
liza sangat sayang firdaus dye
mereka sweet aww

Saturday, 10 September 2011

when i do right
no one remember
when i do wrong
no one forget

life suck huh

Thursday, 8 September 2011


i wanna be the reason
why he cancels a night out with friends because i'm sick
why he stayed up late because i can't sleep
why he slept with the phone on his hand because he waiting for my reply
why he searched the whole city for a book because he knew it was my favorite
why he doesn't smoking because he know i'll get mad
why he learn to cook pasta because i'm craving for it

i wanna be the because of his every why's

Monday, 5 September 2011


salam, hello, aloha :)
for this entry, 
i na citer pasal raya .
best kan raya ? 
as usual, my first day of syawal kami akan beraya dekat klang je.
kumpul duit raya adalah aktiviti paling menarik di hari raya.
ta abes penat beraya pagi, petang tu kami beraya kt kampung ayah pulak.
penat tapi best !
and as usual soalan yang akan dituju kepada cucu perempuan sulung ini adalah,
'Bf nana stay mane, bile na kenal kan kt kitorg?'
and i will always answer them with this smile :)
btw, this is part of my raya's shoot.
enjoy it stalker

meet the siblings
mya damia
time open house, potong nasi impit beb.