Tuesday, 16 August 2011

radit dan jani

yeah , that was the title of the story yang dah buat i nanes everytime i watch it.
story pasal young couple yg berkahwin without family permision.
btw, diorg ney lovely couple taw.
they live in social life, without any accupation.
nak makan, curi .
dapat duit, enjoy .
itu je laa life dorg..
but one day, jani knew that she's pregnant.
and radit trpaksa cari keje dan bkrja sbagai buruh kasar utk tampung isteri dye .
hidup diorg makin susah bile radit tak dapat tahan diri dye dr stop amik drugs.
and start konflik between this couple.
but i really solute radit, dye sanggop wat ape saja untuk pulihkan kesihatan isteri dye yg semakin terok.
even drink the pee of his friend , euwww!
dye sangat syg kt isteri dye kann
but finally, he's getting give up .
he knew he can't give happiness and good life to his wife
dye terpakse pulangkan jani dye to her family.
until their daughter grow up, she still can't forget her husband even husband dye da tinggalkan dye.
i hate this story !
it make me cry again n again ..

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