Monday, 15 August 2011

MOCK meeting kami GEMPAK

as the first group presentation ,
kami cuba untuk menjadi yang terbaik.
we are the leader department from the Pearl Company that produce handbags,
and we are discussing about how to produce new product.
im as the HUMAN RESOURCES trying  be the good worker.
but badly, i ta taw npew time presentation td ckit gile i ckp.
time rehersal bukan main banyak idea .
haihh, nerves lebih ..
dah laa CHAIRMAN and MARKETING banyak gelak,
nasib baik lec kami sporting..
but overall, everthing goes very well ..
and as the first group representing,
lec ckp dye ta kan deduct mark and smua small mistake yg ktorg da wat ta kan ditolak markah.
woahhuh, love u madam !
korang ada ?

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