Tuesday, 7 June 2011

i miss my acoustic !

since blek 'hutan' jengka neyy byk gile masa terbuang .
nothing much to do.
klas byk cncle , lec ta msok klas , n bla bla bla ..
haishh , tangan ney plak gian da na petik tali gitar .
i wish i can fly back home n pick my guitar .
huwhuw ..
but just now i just heard the bad news ,
i ta bole blek umah until the end of july ,
argghh , WTH !
rasa menyesal plak join brass band .
na balik umahh , mish my mum ..  :(
btw , i byk buang masa i ngan search video kt u-tube,
and lately i rase i da fall in love with this lil boy .
sorry encik Jinggo .
this is one of my fav video .
enjoy it !


his name is sungha jung
and he's from korea
cute huh ?
geram tgok jari dye 
grrr !